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20 most important SaaS KPIs and how to calculate them

  • MRR = Monthly Recurring Revenue
  • CAC = Customer Acquisition Cost
  • ARPU = Average Revenue Per Use
  • CLTV = Customer Lifetime Value
  • NPS = Net Promoter Score
  • CSAT = Customer Satisfaction Score
  • CES = Customer Effort Score
… and more

Free Excel KPI Calculator

  • Templates for your business
  • Plug in the numbers from your business and start tracking KPIs right away
  • No need to take notes during the course
  • KPI Calculator includes all 20 KPIs

Free download of all charts

  • Course  includes the best KPI dashboards of the SaaS industry
  • Enter your stats and the Charts will auto-populate 
  • Download in Excel format or copy Google Sheet 
  • Plug & Play

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